funny videos

Car Wash Fail

[youtube] This what happens when you go through a car wash and forget to close you sunroof.

Hate It When That Happens


You Are So Hot Prank!


Best Scare Prank On Mom

These never get old. I gotta bring back the scare prank and do some new videos. [youtube] STOP IT! [youtube] [youtube]

Epic Thanksgiving Meltdown


How To Park Your Porsche In Vancouver

[youtube] So let me get this straight. You have enough room to turn your car and go directly into the garage but instead you...

Santa’s Little Helper

If there was a ghetto santa, this would be his little helper. Well not so little she is mad old. No clue what she's...

Da Realest Nerf Gun Review


Seemed Like A Good Idea

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The Greatest Zip Line Nut Shot Ever We filmed this video 7 years ago now and it was one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed. We couldn't stop laughing...