funny videos

Just Go For It

[youtube] How not to jump over a puddle of mud.

When You Miss The Train By Seconds


Da Realest Nerf Gun Review


The Christmas Winner


Epic Escalator Slide

[youtube] This is still the greatest escalator slide of all time!

The Bud Knight Super Bowl Commercial 2018

The 2018 Super Bowl is just about here and what we've all been waiting for is the commercials. No one really cares to much...

Dropped My Hot Pockets

[youtube] Bullets flying, ducking, and dodging...Dropping hot pockets. It's getting real!

Big Man…Epic Belly Flop

[youtube] Big man takes going down a water slide for an epic belly flop. His Friends are saying "you shouldn't do it". He's saying...

So Many Nut Shots

So many nut shots. Nut shots are so funny! You need to watch them all. It's amazing [youtube] The triple nut shot plus hump day...

When You Prank You Employee And He Just Doesn’t Get It