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Kid Experiences The Power Of The Hose


Just Go For It

[youtube] How not to jump over a puddle of mud.

So Many Nut Shots

So many nut shots. Nut shots are so funny! You need to watch them all. It's amazing [youtube] The triple nut shot plus hump day...

Justin Bieber Falls Off Stage

[youtube] Justin Bieber is at it again. First he gets beat up at NBA game and now he is falling off stages.

Big Man…Epic Belly Flop

[youtube] Big man takes going down a water slide for an epic belly flop. His Friends are saying "you shouldn't do it". He's saying...

Epic Escalator Slide

[youtube] This is still the greatest escalator slide of all time!

All Eyes On The Sandwich

[youtube] Tho dog is staring down that sandwich like some piece of meat. Just waiting for his perfect chance to get himself a snack.

Nailed It!


The Christmas Winner


Irish Guy Argues With Navigation