funny videos

Best Scare Prank On Mom

These never get old. I gotta bring back the scare prank and do some new videos. [youtube] STOP IT! [youtube] [youtube]

English Is Such A Beautiful Language

[youtube] But really, where is he going to put his weight?

When You Miss The Train By Seconds


All Eyes On The Sandwich

[youtube] Tho dog is staring down that sandwich like some piece of meat. Just waiting for his perfect chance to get himself a snack.

Big Man…Epic Belly Flop

[youtube] Big man takes going down a water slide for an epic belly flop. His Friends are saying "you shouldn't do it". He's saying...

Star Wars Bathroom Prank

This is pretty funny. The people seem so confused. How have they never seen Star Wars before? [youtube]

Honk If You’re Horny Prank

[youtube] Dude this is classic. Got me laughing my ass off. Honk if you're horny prank by angry dad on YouTube is amazing.

Seemed Like A Good Idea

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Car Wash Fail

[youtube] This what happens when you go through a car wash and forget to close you sunroof.

Justin Bieber Falls Off Stage

[youtube] Justin Bieber is at it again. First he gets beat up at NBA game and now he is falling off stages.