funny videos

The Christmas Winner


All Eyes On The Sandwich

[youtube] Tho dog is staring down that sandwich like some piece of meat. Just waiting for his perfect chance to get himself a snack.

Pothole War Zone

[youtube] This guy really lets you know how bad the pothole situation is in Youngstown Ohio.

The Bud Knight Super Bowl Commercial 2018

The 2018 Super Bowl is just about here and what we've all been waiting for is the commercials. No one really cares to much...

Don’t Touch That Cube

[youtube] Kevin Hart may be afraid of snakes but he is so hilarious. "Don't touch that Cube"

Big Man…Epic Belly Flop

[youtube] Big man takes going down a water slide for an epic belly flop. His Friends are saying "you shouldn't do it". He's saying...

Dead On Target!

Are you kidding me with this. That was a direct hit. That's gotta kill. I'm creasing at this acc 😂😭You need to give @TwatBibIe a...

I Went To Chipotle With Sebastian Maniscalco

[youtube] If you haven't heard of Sebastian Maniscalco or ever seen his stand up get out from under the rock you live under. This...

Drunk People Are To Funny

A perfect video to post on a snowy Saturday. I'm sure many "adults" are drinking. Hence I put adults in quotations. Plus the NFL...

Mike Hunt Has Your Next Car