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[youtube] This dude sure is different. WTF just happened! Roller skating in a convenience store. Who does that?

How To Park Your Porsche In Vancouver

[youtube] So let me get this straight. You have enough room to turn your car and go directly into the garage but instead you...

How To Keep The Kids Busy

[youtube] Wait for it! The ending is the best.

Honk If You’re Horny Prank

[youtube] Dude this is classic. Got me laughing my ass off. Honk if you're horny prank by angry dad on YouTube is amazing.

The Bud Knight Super Bowl Commercial 2018

The 2018 Super Bowl is just about here and what we've all been waiting for is the commercials. No one really cares to much...

You Are So Hot Prank!


Irish Guy Argues With Navigation



Incase you don't have all that time on your hands and you simply just need some life hacks. This dude has it all figured...

English Is Such A Beautiful Language

[youtube] But really, where is he going to put his weight?

How To Mess With A Security Guard