Stuff with awesome animals

Just A Bear In My Dumpster…No Big Deal

[youtube] Dude kicks a bear out of his dumpster likes it's no big deal

Harley Can Shread

[youtube] Harley skateboards better then I do. I can barely get my dog to sit and this dog is shredding up the streets.

Mountain Biker Crashes Into Bear

[youtube] The last thing your thinking about while cruising on your mountain bike is where's the bears at.

Drunk Guy Rides Sheep And Pays The Price

[youtube] Drunk guy rides sheep for the ultimate knockdown. Wait for it. The sheep starts backing up for the intense blow below the belt....

When Your Cat Lays The Smackdown

[youtube] This cat means business. Body slams this kid like a boss.

And You Thought You Could Rock Hard

[youtube] This bird head bops better then anyone. Rocking out so hard!

Husky Loves To Blow Bubbles

[youtube] This husky loves to blow bubbles in her water bowl

Seagull Has A Chip Craving

[youtube] Seagull walks into the cafe as if it is an everyday routine to gets itself a bag of chips. "Nothing going on here,...

“I Hate Birds”

[youtube] Great birthday present. Let's go to the zoo and see all the birds. I'm not petrified of birds or anything.

This Cat Is Just A Bully

[youtube] Bully cat won't let dog get its ball