If You Blog It They Will Come

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A lot easier said then done. Got pounded with some snow today. Tried driving to work but couldn’t see shit and came home. That was interesting. Kinda crazy try to go out in this weather. Now the days gone by so fast. Almost as if it didn’t exist. I’m writing this blog post at 8:30pm at night but won’t post it yet. I do that a lot.

I usually write some stuff but feel as if it’s not long enough. So I leave it and come back to it later. Add some random stuff. Like it almost makes no sense and then post it. A bit of a good strategy I might say. Then I’ll get distracted and watch a Lady Gaga Super Bowl half time show video.

Let’s go back to “now the days gone by so fast”. That happens a lot. You say to yourself, I’m going to relax today and do nothing. Nothing at all. But really you end up doing a lot. So many pointless things that you really feel like you did nothing. Did you actually do nothing. Think about it. You may think you did nothing but in reality you actually did a lot. You cleaned the floors, walked around your room, drank a cup of coffee, made a sandwich…Maybe an epic sandwich that was delicious. You did a lot today. It may have gone by super fast but you did a lot. You got things accomplish,ed pointless things but you got something accomplished. Days you sit around and do nothing. You really did something. You had to have done something right? Doing nothing is actually doing something.

“We’re going to go to Home Depot, get some flooring. Bed Bath And Beyond, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time”. You know what I’m talking about. So you did nothing on your empty Saturday. But in reality you did do something. You did some me time. Sometimes you need that. Don’t do to much of that though. Get out there! Even if it’s driving to the store and back. Get some fresh air and see the world moving around you. Hey, that’s still doing something.

At the same time you’re doing something and not doing anything at all. If that makes any sense. Take a look at that picture I posted for this blog. That’s a pretty cool picture. That’s where legends are made or I like to believe.