Blank Paper Thoughts

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What do you see when you look at a blank piece of paper?

What a strange question. But really think about it. I was driving the other day thinking what would I do if I had a blank piece paper in front of me an empty canvas with nothing on it at all. I drive a lot for work and my mind is always racing. I can’t stop thinking. I think of ideas, situations, thoughts, anything. Anything that pops into my head.

And I was thinking what would I do if I had a blank piece of paper in front of me. And I started thinking of the bigger picture. A blank piece of paper means nothing. Its like looking down a dark tunnel. You see nothing at all and you don’t even know if the tunnel ever ends or whats on the other side of that tunnel.

The blank piece of paper means nothing. What means something is the person looking at it. The imagination that the person has when they look at it. That’s what means something. You can write whatever you want on that piece paper. You can draw whatever you want. A persons imagination can come up with whatever they want and its theirs to own. You can do millions, billions, anything with that piece of paper. The imagination is endless as long as you don’t stop thinking. Your imagination is so important. Don’t let anything stop your imagination. Not even a blank piece of paper.

When that blank piece of paper is in front of you. Let your imagination take off and let it land wherever you want it to land…