The Beginning Of A Soccer Card Collection

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I recently found my pops collection of soccer cards. I wasn’t even aware that soccer cards existed. Now this collection won’t make millions. It’s not like a I found box full of every Pele card from the fifties but it’s still pretty cool. Ever since the 80’s and 90’s sports cards are pretty much worthless. They over produced and lost in value with everyone having the same cards.

For any collector into soccer this is still pretty awesome. The ones I found are all from the 1994 World Cup. I got a Ryan Giggs card when he was a young prospect, Roy Keane, Alexi Lalas, a whole bunch of players from all different countries. This got me a little more interested into the whole soccer card collecting world. There doesn’t seem like there’s much out there about soccer cards or that soccer cards are even popular. It almost doesn’t look like soccer cards are even produced every year or there’s such a limited amount produced that you can’t find out anything on soccer cards when searching around. I’m going to do some more research and possibly buy a couple packs. I’ll most likely buy some more packs to see what’s out there.

This may be the beginning of a nice hobby and soccer card collection!