All The Barca Hype

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Lets settle down a bit. Barcelona made a come back after losing 4-0 to PSG and beat them 6-1 in the second leg. It’s really not that epic. Barcelona got wrecked away by PSG and PSG got wrecked away by Barca. You should expect Barcelona to beat them. With the players they have and the league that they are in they shouldn’t be losing.

Now don’t get me wrong both teams are stacked with great players but Barcelona has it pretty easy. Their champions league games are pretty much the only hard games they have all season besides playing Real Madrid twice in La Liga and Atletico Madrid on their good day. La Liga isn’t to competitive. There’s only three teams that have a chance of making top three. Barcelona’s players should be well rested when it comes to the champions league games. Most of Barca’s games through out the season are what you could call scrimmages.

There’s so much talk about Barcelona in the football world and how they are the best team with the best players. They use diving as their strategy when playing a physical team. What’s the fun in that? I really don’t think Messi is the best player ever like everyone else thinks. He’s a great player with great skill but not the “best ever”. Guy can’t win a World Cup and got beat by Chile twice in the Copa America Cup. Neymar gets so much hype and Brazil couldn’t win the World Cup at home in 2014. They both wouldn’t last a season in the English Premier League.

Let’s break this Barca vs PSG down for you. Lets really see what everyone is going crazy over.

Goal One: A header scored by Suarez in the 3rd minute which was offsides but not called.

Goal Two: An own goal by Kurzawa in the 40th minute.

Goal Three: A penalty shot scored by Messi in the 50th minute. Thomas Meunier tripped unintentionally where Neymar could have easily hopped him but decided to take the dive to give Barca a pk. Neymar doesn’t like the physical play.

Goal Four: Scored by Cavani in the 62nd minute giving PSG an away goal.

Goal Five: A free kick scored by Neymar in the 88th minute. This goal was actually really nice. I’ll give him that.

Goal Six: Another penalty shot scored by Neymar in the 90th minute because Suarez took a nice dive. The funny thing is he goes down and holds his face but never got touched in the face.

Goal Seven: The goal that beat PSG in aggregate was scored by Sergi Roberto in the 95th minute which was also offsides.

Watch the highlights and you decide…

What everyone missed!

I guess Fifa agreed on some of the bad calls as well. They ended up demoting the ref after this one. All in all I don’t really care who won this game its just funny to see Barca getting the advantage more frequently then the opposing team. And the diving Fifa needs to do something about all the diving. Barcelona players take dives whenever they get the chance.

Lol look at this dude that looks exactly like David Silva.