16 Awesome St Patrick’s Day Accessories

awesome st patricks day accessories


St. Patrick’s Day is a religious feast day dating back to the 17th century. Every year on March 17th people from all over the world from all different cultures get together to celebrate the Irish culture with parades, foods, music, dancing, partying, and a whole lot of green. Rivers turn green and mugs are filled with booze. On March 17th everyone is the same; everyone is Irish.

If you are planning to celebrate with your friends and family, which is guaranteed to be a good time (usually) then check out this list of sixteen awesome St. Patrick’s Day items and accessories that are guaranteed to take you party up a notch.

St Patrick’s Day 16 Piece Accessory Set

St Patricks Day Leprechaun Costume Party Accessories

If you really want to go all out and get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit then you need this St Patrick’s Day 16 piece accessory set. This is the set that shows you mean business when it comes to this amazing holiday of festivities, booze, and binge drinking. packed with great stuff, this set has pins, suspenders, glasses, top hat, bow tie, shot glass all in one package.


St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Decorations

St Patricks Day Shamrock Decorations

If you’re the one throwing the St. Patrick’s day party this year then you absolutely need the shamrock wall decoration. It is a must have . Decorate you party room with some St Patrick’s Day shamrock decorations. It also serves as a great backdrop for those Instagram and Snap-chat pics. If you want to amp it up a little more, add some fun accessories and turn it into a full blown photo booth.



St Patrick’s Day Beads Shamrock Necklace with Green Shot Glass

St Patricks Day Beads Shamrock Necklace with Green Shot Glass

If you are a drinker, you need this St Patrick’s Day shot glass necklace. With all the whiskey being poured, you don’t want to waste any time looking for a shot glass that hasn’t been used by twenty other people.



Dilly Dilly St Patrick’s Day T-Shirt

Dilly Dilly ST Patricks Day T-Shirt


Dilly Dilly! Yes this a Dilly Dilly St Patrick’s day shirt. Get your drank on and get with the Dilly Dilly. Amazing shirt for St Patty’s day.



St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Patterned Tattoos

st patricks day Shamrock Patterned Tattoos

So maybe wearing various shades of green from head to toe isn’t your ideal way to wear your Irish pride, after all not everyone looks good in green. These shamrock patterned tattoos are perfect way to add some green to your look without going full on leprechaun.




St Patrick’s Day I Shamrock Beer Shirt

st patricks i shamrock beer shirt

The I shamrock beer shirt. This simple, yet classic shirt, is always a great option for St. Patrick’s Day.



St Patrick’s Day Eye Glasses

ST Patricks Day Shamrock Eye Glasses

Most of the time the phrase beer goggles is not a good thing. This isn’t one of those times. These St Patrick’s day glasses will add another green and fun element to your holiday wardrobe.





St Patrick’s Day Suit Coat

ST Patricks Day Suit Coat

If your’e a guy that wants to class it up a bit and not go the standard  I shamrock beer shirt route, this  St Patty’s Day Suit Coat is for you. This coat will pair well with your favorite white shirt and jeans. If you are looking to go all out, wear it with the matching pants and tie.



St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Suspenders

st patricks day Shamrock Suspenders

Suspenders are totally cool. Get yourself some shamrock suspenders. These suspenders can add some subtle St. Patrick’s Day flair, without being overwhelmed by green.




St Patrick’s Day Green Leprechaun Top Hat and Beard

ST Patricks Day Green Leprechaun Top Hat and Beard

Beards almost always look good. A green beard for St. Patrick’s Day, even better. For those of you who are challenged in the facial hair department, this Irish beard hat combo is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day accessory. It provides you with a full bright green beard that is guaranteed to get some laughs. Plus it will catch any beer or whiskey that you spill.



St Patrick’s Day Light Up Glasses

st patricks day light up glasses

These Irish shades are perfect is you are attending any nighttime parties that may not have the best lighting. They will make sure that all eyes are on you when show up ready to party all night long.



St Patrick’s Day Velvet Top Hat

st patricks day velvet top hot

This velvet top hat is another perfect accessory for someone what wants a simple, classic element. Just throw this hat on top of your head, not matter what you choose to wear, and you are ready to chug beer and throw back some shots.


Lets Get Ready To Stumble St Patty’s Day T Shirt

Lets Get Ready To Stumble St Pattys Day T Shirt

Another funny St Patty’s day shirt, Let’s get ready to stumble. It’s funny and another great shirt to add to your wardrobe.



St Patrick’s Day Crew Socks

St Patricks Day Crew Socks

Putting fresh new pair of socks is a great feeling. So why not put on some Irish St Patty’s days socks?



St Patrick’s Day Mini Top Hat

St Patricks Day Mini Top Hat

If you want to go simple and stylish, this is St Patrick’s Day mini top hat is the way to go.



St Patrick’s Day Top Hat With Shamrocks

Saint Patricks Day Top Hat with Shamrocks

If you haven’t noticed yet, you can’t go wrong with a top hat on St. Patrick’s day. This St Patrick’s Day top hat with shamrocks is a great option whether you want to match your Irish outfit or just want to wear a cool looking hat for St Patty’s Day.