Truck Tips On Tappan Zee Bridge

[youtube] WTF just happened! Wait you forgot your back wheels.

When You’re Trying To Get Big Fast

[youtube] There is always one out of the week that you have to work out every muscle in your body to get big quick....

Insane Fiddler


“I Hate Birds”

[youtube] Great birthday present. Let's go to the zoo and see all the birds. I'm not petrified of birds or anything.

This Cat Is Just A Bully

[youtube] Bully cat won't let dog get its ball

Best Political Sign Yet

Best Political Sign Yet #funnysigns #TheGreatWall #trump2016 #trump #TrumpSign

When you lay down a sweet ass karate kick during a...

When you lay down a sweet ass karate kick during a cup game #CFACup #KarateKid #WuhanHongxing #JiangsuSuning

Chinese Cup Match Gets Out Of Control

There is only one Karate Kid but a player on Wuhan Hongxing lays down a nice karate kick! Wuhan Hongxing VS Jiangsu Suning turned into...

Landing All Face

[youtube] "Not against my cuur". The commentary is classic but that's one big moose. Taking a big fall to land on all face.

English Is Such A Beautiful Language

[youtube] But really, where is he going to put his weight?