2017 Is Upon Us

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It’s that time of the year. Everyone thinks about the year that’s about to pass us by and what they want to do for the new year. It starts off with setting new goals when most likely you will forget about them in a week. Like go to the gym and get big. That lasts a week till you realize you really don’t wanna do that. Or save some money up while your on your way to the mall to by some cool shit.

But seriously let’s set some real goals. Maybe write them down so you don’t forget. Let’s look forward to 2017 and try to accomplish something. Even if it makes no sense what’s so ever. Do something you never thought you would do. Go on a vacation and free your mind from the craziness of reality. I think I have a couple goals in mind. I will lay them out and see if I can accomplish them or not.

Goal One – Social media isn’t so important but I would like to grow my social media followers a little more. I feel pretty small having less then 100 twitter followers. Lets try to get over 100 followers. It took me a pretty long time to get what I have now. I know 100 followers doesn’t seem like a lot but it took me a pretty long time to get the followers I have now so to get over a hundred will be pretty hard. Maybe try to get some more followers on my other social networks too. I’ll throw that into the goal as well.

Goal Two – I average about 900 visitors to my website a month. I won’t shoot for the stars but I’d like to get 1,500 visitors a month on a consistent basis. Not just one month. No clue who’s checking this out or if I’m just wasting dozens of peoples time. I hope I’m not wasting your time. Hopefully it’s some good content that you like.

Goal Three – Get my own place. I rent right now but would like to buy a place of my own. It’s going to be a decently hard goal to accomplish but you gotta start some where.

Goal Four – Try to come up with another cool idea. Not a clue what it will be. That’s why I said come up with another cool idea. Well that’s four goals, not to bad for a start. Wait, I thought of one more.

Goal Five – Work out a little more. I go through these fazes that last a couple days. I’ll work out for a couple days in a row. Then everything will get crazy, overwhelming, and I won’t work out for weeks. It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s just that I’m all over the place and when I get back from work all I want to do is sit down and do nothing whats so ever. Kind of a bad habit, maybe. I’m going to try and break that habit. Work out a little. In more of a routine and keep it up for more then a couple days.

Now, just because I set a couple goals doesn’t mean thats all my goals for the year. It’s just the ones I can think of right now as I write this. I’m sure there will be many more to come. This is just what’s on my mind at this moment. This time next year lets see if any of the goals are met. Now go out and make some goals to chase!